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    1. Hi Amit, I consult for a hosting company that’s looking to expand it’s presence online. We’re interested in having a referral link on this page ( leading back to our site, this would be in the form of an unobtrusive text link. If you could help us out we’d would be more then willing to compensate you.

      Email me back and let me know how we can make this work.

      Best Regards,
      Arthur Czuma

    2. Hello sir,

      I have read your articles peer to peer communication by wcf in MSDN
      . i got clear my concept what actual use of wcf and how its work real world.

    3. I have a Flat File structure as follows:


      and want to define FlatFile Schema in BizTalk Server 2009. In flat file EMP is a parent node and WRK and STS are it’s child. WRK can occure (0,*) in EMP and STS can occur (0,1). And EMP can occur (1,*).
      I have defined the schema but it does not work if WRK is missing from any of the EMP record.
      Please Help.

    4. Hello Amit,

      I read your MSDN article on Peer-to=Peer programming with WCF and have been using it to implement a P2P application for my company. I have the application up and running, but would like to explore the security options that your article discusses. You mention throughout the article the QuickReturnSecureTraderChat sample; I would like to study that code, but it doesn’t appear to be available. I also noted that you suggested contacting you if one needs the sample. Is the sample sometning you can make available?

      Thanks for your time and help.


      Daryl Lucas

    5. I was looking over the P2P article you did on the MSDN website. Do you know about using JXTA in a C# peer to peer app? Or can you recommend some type of way to have a users IP address and port found rather than having the user enter in their own info.

    6. I read with interest your blog “Solved – Case of the “Invisible” folder in Outlook and Exchange Jan 17, 2007. I have been mysteriously losing data from Outlook 2003 for several years and the IT engineer keeps calling it user error. I have documentation with screen shots showing how Folders or subfolders containing emails are being copied from my personal Outlook folders or Public Folders to Deleted Items and over time the emails are completely deleted but the empty folder name remains. We are still on MS Outlook 2003 on our Exchange Server because of this problem. We have a Domain Server and Sonic Firewall and use Barracuda Message Archiver, Barracuda Backup and Barracuda Spam Filter. We are also on a Citrix Xenapp platform. My IT engineer has assured me there are no rules for autoarchiving and that there is nothing he knows to help stop this process or retrieve the thousands of emails that have disappeared and are continuing to disappear. He is a Microsoft Exchange expert.

      I noticed last week that a subfolder from my personal Outlook emails appeared under a pst file the IT engineer had created and copied in my Mailbox. Under this pst file, there was a Deleted Items folder (empty) and a copy of a subfolder from one of my folders in my personal Emails Saved. In addition, every folder in my Mailbox now carries the name of this pst folder when I check Outlook/Tools/Account Settings/Data. I also have two subfolders in my Deleted Items that correlate with the emails in this pst folder. (The original files that the pst was created from are located in Public Folders. In addition, there are 3 folders in my Deleted Items containing emails that have already been deleted. My IIT engineer says the folder from my Emails Saved “should not be in this pst file”. He does not know why there is a Deleted Items folder and the only explanation he can give is “user error”.

      About 4 months ago, I copied a folder from Public folders that was completely empty to another Mailbox that we use for newsletters and press releases. I did this as a test to see what would happen. Strangely 71 “missing” files reappeared in both the Public Folder mailbox and the other mailbox.

      Today, I was trying to rename two folders that have recently appeared in my Deleted Items with the data I found them. I was able to name one of the folders but when I went to name the second folder I noticed that it had a filename with a “1” at the end indicating that this was a copy of something. (I never created this folder, it does not appear in my personal folders. This folder is completely empty and I do not know if or how many emails it might have once contained.) Both of these folders had been copied/moved/ by the system to my Deleted Items. I do not know if they were ever put under the pst file or an IPB_Subtree. I do not know how many subfolders and emails were dumped into the Deleted Items folder. From what I can see with other folders in my Deleted Items, eventually all the files under the folder are deleted “mysteriously” by the CHIC network system. I currently have the original folders in my Mailbox but usually once this process starts, my original folder will be completely emptied of all subfolders and emails and will completely disappear. I was able to rename the first file but when I tried to rename the file with the “1” at the end e.g. copy of something, my session completely froze. I opened Task Manager and the two applications( “Citrix Desktop – Citrix Receiver” and “Citrix Xenapp – Applications – Windows Internet Explorer” ) had disappeared. They were replaced by the 2 folders in my Deleted Items that I was renaming. Both of these folders were “RUNNING” as applications! I could not exit Task Manager and had to do an End Process. I shut down the computer and restarted it. When I restarted and relogged into Citrix, both folders were shown as being renamed in the Deleted Items in my Mailbox. The 2 normal Citrix applications were running again.

      • WHY would renaming of two folders in the Delete Box cause them to turn into fake applications and replace the two normal Citrix applications?
      • What damage to my data could have be done when the two normal Citrix applications were replaced by these 2 fake applications named after folders in my Deleted Items?
      • Was data being lost while these fake applications were running and replaced the two normal Citrix applications?
      • Do you have any idea why a subfolder from my personal Emails Saved would be copied down under a pst file and why it would be under a folder called IPM_Subtree?
      • Do you have any idea why this pst file is showing up on every folder under my Outlook Personal and Public Folders? (The IT engineer turned it into a Read only file yesterday and said this would solve the problem but it still shows up today.)
      • Do you have any idea why some of the lost emails suddenly “reappeared” when I copied an empty folder to another mailbox and why they would reappear in both the previously empty Public folders and the other mailbox we use for newsletters?

      I would appreciate any guidance you can give me.

      Best regards

    7. hii my name is Carole, I like the cartoons you posted like the one of the telegram of 140 characters. I’m a student and I’m writing a presentation about idea of progress and especially about technological progress. I have to choose a picture for my bac and I’ve been searching for that kind of picture. Can you think of something that could help me ? The picture could be about a bad side of technological progress or a good one. Please think about an idea at least an example, I’m out of stock

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    9. I use outlook 2010 i dragged a email from my junk folder into my inbox folder and now my junk folder is gone and all of the junk is coming into my inbox despite what filter setting is set. All of this junk mail is marked **VLJunk**. I don’t know if by dragging the email out I dragged the whole folder with it but I could use some insight. Thank you!

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