Playing with Google Glass

Don’t know how many folks know, but I got a google glass recently and only now have had some time to start playing with it. There were a few challenges but I finally got Glass ‘talking’ to my Windows 8.1 machine and can now replicate the glass display (that is a post for another time, but it did take me some hit and try to figure out what I was doing wrong). This is pretty important, as without this I won’t be able to show much demo’s or make it very useful.

Here are a few photos showing the silliness in the whole thing. In the second photo, I am taking a picture from glass, whilst taking a picture from Glass – does that classify as a Picture-in-Picture? Perhaps. 🙂

Google glass on Windows
Google glass on Windows
Glass and Windows 8 - picture in picture
Glass and Windows 8

Windows Phone 7

So you would have heard what all the buzz (not Google!) is about. Check out the feature video for Windows Phone 7. I have a Zune HD and the UI is very similar and I cannot wait for it!

After a lot of disappointment with WinMo’s and becoming the joke in my friend/nerd/geek/co-worker circle for still have a WinMo phone, would love to see everyone’s faces when I get this. 🙂

Update: I also like the new Office GUI – how cool is that?

64 Core, 64 GB, need I ask more?

Cray (yep those guys are still alive and kicking – I know, I know I am as surprised as you). In any case these clever guys have released a “personal super computer” called CX1 which can have 64 Cores and address 64 GB of RAM and can run either Windows HPC 2008 Server or RHEL. Now, once I have stopped drooling, just need $30K (or so) to get this sweet sweet machine at home. Big Smile

Dell Crystal LCD's

You remember me talking about holding off that Dell? Well the very cool Crystal LCD's are here (and boy are they pricey)!

For $1200 you get a 22" 1680 x 1050 display. I only see these on Dell's US site and don't see them on the UK site yet. Not sure how long before they show up here. I am surprised Dell did not get this out in time for Christmas.

You can't be a geek and not drool on these! Better start saving those pennies.

Hold off on that Dell…

If you were in the market for a new laptop especially a Tablet then Dell is coming! Not only that – they have some awesome ultra-thin Monitors which are only 0.5 inch thick and will support HD resolutions and allow you to daisychain multiple monitors. These were originally showcased the concept at the CES earlier in January. Better start saving up! Cool

Windows Home Server

Thanks to my colleague, Ian, for pointing this one. After some initial rumors, Bill Gates has announced a new product called Windows Home Server which will automatically back up all the data on Vista and XP providing centralized storage and make it available on the Internet. Bill also promised that the Home Server will be easy to setup and the user won’t have to even worry about formatting, partitioning,installing, etc as the OS would do all that automatically.

You can get other Microsoft CES related information here.

Gadget to end all Gadgets

I saw the Carver One in an old Top Gear program and boy it sure is the gadget to end all gadgets! Big Smile You can see some videos here and more pictures and wallpapers.

Now, on Top Gear, if I heard it correctly the cost was £22.5K, but as per the UK dealer, if you include VAT, this costs £27,654. Also that is without any options and accessories! Either you can be kind to me and get me one or donate some moolah my way.

Getting a new Phone

HTC TyTNI have finally taken the plunge and am going to switch over to a phone running Windows from my existing Symbian based Sony Ericsson P910i. The fact I cannot get emails on the phone is the deal breaker and also since I upgraded to Office 2007, I cannot sync the phone with Outlook. I just ordered the HTC TyTn and I should be getting it in a week or so. Big Smile


You can check out more pictures here if you want or click on the image on the right to see a bigger picture. Click here for more detailed specs.

Origami Project

The first time I heard of Microsoft’s Origami Project, was this morning in the papers; the official site does not say much; but I was pointed to this leaked video, by a good friend who shall remain name less (don’t want to get him in trouble, now do I?). 🙂 I have been told it runs some version of XP, but not sure on what exactly (embedded vs. regular), also with Vista round the corner, not sure if thats a good idea or not. In any case check out the video it does seem pretty interesting.

Want a kick-ass laptop – with 6.8ghz CPU and 1 Terabyte ram?

Thanks to Elia for pointing this out. If you are in the market for a new laptop but can wait, then this kick-ass machine can be out soon. Atom Chip corporation is getting ready for the CES 2006 show which is going to be held in January 2006 in Vegas. The computer should demonstrate how Quantum and Quantum-optical devices could operate in consumer electronics. Without proper benchmarking, it is hard to tell if the “AtomChip” 6.8Ghz CPU is faster than current high-end competitors are, but the solid-state drive (in place of the traditional hard disk) should be much much faster.

Here are some shots of the machine running Windows XP with 2 TB of space and 1 TB of memory – drool!


6.8 Ghz and 1 Terabyte of RAM

2 Terabyte of Disk Space

2 Terabytes of Non-Volatile Ram

6.8 Ghz Quantum II Processor with 256 MB of on-board memory

Update: There have been a couple of discussions on this with many people saying this is a hoax, as Windows XP does not support more than 16 GB of memory (I think its less than that, but not gone looking myself). In any case, come January, we would know in CES one way or the other.