AI generated text-to-video

Here is an example of how one can using a text prompt generated a series of frames, that then are stitched together into a video.

The prompt I used was: “a man walking in the parking lot with a miniature poodle”. the final video generated is shown below.

AI generated video from a text prompt of a man walking in a parking lot with a miniature poodle

What is interesting is how it morphs from one to the next, and in some cases, the human starts out more looks like a poodle. It reminds me of the old days of morphing we did in C and C++ (Computer Science theory).

For this I I am playing with the latest build of #StableDuffision and used a max of 100 frames, and for each frames 30 samplings and 200 inference steps.

This below video shows how each of those frame is generated, and it is quite fascinating.

A video showing how AI is generating one frame.

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