HoloLens–Device Portal (Part 2)

In addition to the HoloLens Device Portal (see part 1), another option is using the UAP HoloLens companion app which you can install from the store. I think this is a little more end-user friendly, and perhaps a little less developer focused. It exposes a subset of the same functionality.

Once you install it, you connect more or less in the same manner; I think most people will like the live streaming option. There is a bit of latency between the device and what is shown, but that could be somewhat because of our (possibly crappy) wireless which was overloaded with many folks at work.

imageStore Option

imageOnce you connect and set it up then you see the above screen. Of course you can manage multiple devices from here.

imageOnce you login, you see a lot of the same information as you saw in Part 1.

imageYou can see the Live stream as shown here; and what might not be obvious that it is both sound and video which is streamed. In this screenshot you can see my (work) login screen, with the password login being a Hologram. Here it is ‘floating’ over the window, and you can see a flavor of the mixed reality.

imageAs you can expect, you can capture either a photo or a video on what is being seen via the Device.

imageThe photos or videos that you do take, show up here. I suppose they are saved on the device and you would want to take it off there.

imageThe virtual keyboard again I think is one of the best features – saving so much time air-tapping and the arms. Smile

imageApp manager can do some elements of management, but not as much as the web version.

imageAnd finally, you can see some details on the device. I think the Shutdown and Reboot options are probably the one which are more useful.

All in all, this is a little more polished and end-user friendly. Useful when demo’ing the mixed reality solutions you are building.

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