‘Old’ Surface (PixelSense) stuck on boot up

Samsung SUR40 which recently got stuck at boot up (see the photo below). Once the Kernel lib loaded, for some reason was getting stuck at:

StrongROM version 03.30 Build:_P
MS PixelSense not booting up
MS PixelSense not booting up

Powering it off or on, did not help. Neither did trying to get into the BIOS to try and change some things.

I did get this back up and running, and in the end the solution was quite simple – I had to physically take out the power cable (just powering it down was not enough); wait a few seconds and then plug the power cord in, and boot it back up.

Playing with Google Glass

Don’t know how many folks know, but I got a google glass recently and only now have had some time to start playing with it. There were a few challenges but I finally got Glass ‘talking’ to my Windows 8.1 machine and can now replicate the glass display (that is a post for another time, but it did take me some hit and try to figure out what I was doing wrong). This is pretty important, as without this I won’t be able to show much demo’s or make it very useful.

Here are a few photos showing the silliness in the whole thing. In the second photo, I am taking a picture from glass, whilst taking a picture from Glass – does that classify as a Picture-in-Picture? Perhaps. 🙂

Google glass on Windows
Google glass on Windows
Glass and Windows 8 - picture in picture
Glass and Windows 8