Intreresting Find #23

Been a while since I posted on this series. But starting it again. Here are the latest few interesting finds I have stumbled across. Of course these are in no particular order.

  1. UTF 8 Everywhere – Argues the cause on why UTF-16 and Unicode is a default poor choice except for specialized libraries, which deal with text.
  2. Data discrimination for the poor – Means that if you are poor (i.e. not rich), then the internet you see and know might be different from the others. Big Data discrimination.
  3. Customer feedback to a Tour Operator – It’s enough to make you cancel your reservation.
  4. Gartner IT Symposium Factoids – Very cool to see the data on mobility and where we seem to be heading.
  5. OpenRemote – open source for IoT (Internet of Things) – think of it the glue stitching everything together.
  6. Generation Game – Businesses are worrying about how to manage different age groups with widely different expectations.
  7. Overtaxed and over there – Loopy tax rules spur expats to renounce their American citizenship.
  8. Greenhouse (alpha) – a creative coding toolkit for spatial interfaces.
  9. Dipping your hands in a data pool – with a LeapMotion
  10. Tesla Model S Rest API – enough said. 🙂
  11. Cozy Cloud – private cloud for your apps, data, which you control and this is open source.

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