Broken Nike FuelBand

The wife recently bought a Nike FuelBand which she was loving. However in about 4-5 weeks of regular usage, the strap on it broke and the links which hold it together fell apart. The device itself is working, but it cannot be worn now as it won’t lock making it quite useless.  😥

I was quite surprised as this is supposed to last more than this given both what it is meant to do and the cost of the device as well. Now this is an expensive paperweight.

Here are a few photos. This is what it looks like now, and cannot be locked, making it useless:


This is how it was when it broke and fell apart – we tried to rescue and pick up everything we could, but it seems there is a very small spring inside which is lost. This spring is crucial for the ‘lock’ and which acts as a rocker. Without this spring, this is useless.


This is I was trying to figure it out how to put it together and when I figured the small metal part (silver in colour) needs a spring which rocks it up and down. When one locks and unlocks this that spring is what is acting and allowing you to open and close this.




This is how the broken piece looks like after I put it together, everything looks OK, except it won’t lock.


I am not very happy with this situation right now – if this was a year after using the Nike FuelBand, perhaps I could still understand but 4 odd weeks of usage and this breaking is not acceptable.

I don’t have much hope in Nike, as where I am currently living, this is not sold and I am sure they would try and squeal out of trying to replace this or fix this.

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  1. Hi Amit, I had a co-worker with this Nike FuelBand who also had the same situation where the spring fell out. I was able to fix this issue for her. Initially I took that extra extension piece she wasnt using and took the spring out. Unfortunately in trying to have the hands of a surgeon I dropped and lost that tiny spring. At that point in time I tried another option of using doublesided spongy tape to see if that could be a replacement spring which didnt work. Then one day I was driving to work and looked down at my console and saw pens. I knew certain pens have springs inside them but much too big. Since I’m in IT I also realized I had a few extra CD-ROM drives, and when tinkering with them in the past, I knew they have super small springs. After taking apart a few CD-ROM drives and once again losing about 5-6 springs, I finally took apart a CD-ROM drive out of a spare laptop and was able to successfully put in the spring on the left hand side, and then squeeze in that tilting metal piece. After that I was able to snap the wristband together and my fellow co-worker indicates it has been working great. If you have any questions e-mail me.

  2. hi where can i buy spare links?
    o and yes john i fixed mi Nike fuel with a little ball of masking tape and just squeezed it with the retaining clip that hold everything together and that works just fine. but what happen with mine know it that the little metal frame the the screw goes in is just left i my Nike fuel and i need all the little hardware that goes inside of it. i you know where to get the links please email me at

  3. Mine separated after about two weeks! When i took the screw out, a little plastic ring fell out, not sure if this goes behind the metal rocker, or in front of it, behind the black plate.

  4. I had something similar happen, but not quite the same this morning. The mechanism in the fuelband itself (not even a link, the actual band) decide to stop locking. everything was in there still, but the whole system was sticking up (I should have taken photos, but was too stressed to think that at the time. Anyway, knowing the spring was key helped, so thank you for that information, although I did have a panic when it pinged at one point and it had pinged up, and then pinged against a glass or something. Luckily it was the glass on my desk which sits in a bowl so I was able to find it after a panic. This was about 4 months after getting this particular fuelband. As to the ring, it goes behind the catch type bit (you might mean the backplate), and the ‘cover’. Getting that spring to stay in was a challenge, but all is well now, and tragedy number 2 of the day has been remedied, with the help of this post. Thank you.

  5. I’m also trying to fit the pieces back together. I have all of the pieces but don’t know where to lodge the spring to make it lock. Thank you for this helpful post.

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