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I am giving a presentation next week on NoSQL and as part of that I wanted to create a Word Map, similar to the ones I have seen in the Guardian over the years. After searching a little, I came across the following two sites which do an excellent job of this. Both of them allow a number of options to customise the output and I think are very cool!

The first one is Jason Davies, World Cloud that is open source and you can integrate online searches, twitter searches, etc. The word map below is an example output when I search “bahree” on twitter.

The second one is Wordle, which is equally impressive but is a closed Java applet with some portions of the code copyrighted by IBM. With Wordle, you can enter some text, use a RSS feed or enter a user name to see their tags. I use my blog’s RSS feed to create the word map below.


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  1. Thanks for posting the word map blog – we are using it to make word maps representing student skills in a university course I teach.

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