Less than Symbol in Latex

If you want to show a simple less than symbol (i.e. <) in Latex, you are in for a surprise as you cannot use that character as is. If you are in math mode and writing this part of a formula then you might be still OK, but if you are in text mode then it is quite difficult.

Surprisingly, searching for this online also did not provide any obvious answers (perhaps I was searching for the wrong thing).

Anyways, I did figure it out in the end, and I needed to use the \textless directive for latex. I also found a few more symbols and have them listed below in case they are helpful for anyone else.

Symbol Latex Command
^ \textasciicircum
< \textless
> \textgreater
~ \textasciitilde
ª \textordfeminine
* \textasteriskcentered
º \textordmasculine
\ \textbackslash
| \textbar
· \textperiodcentered
{ \textbraceleft
} \textbraceright
¿ \textquestiondown
© \textcopyright
® \textregistered
$ \textdollar
§ \textsection
. . . \textellipsis
£ \textsterling
_ \textunderscore
¡ \textexclamdown