In other news of the day … we are going to be moving in the next few weeks to Bangalore. Avanade, is sending me on a posting/secondment to Bangalore for 18 months to help out with a few things. Of course, the family will be moving as well. After my tenure, the plan is to come back to London.

So, over the next few days/weeks there is going to be a flurry of activity with us trying to rent our flat, sell the car, packing, moving things into storage, figuring out what to feed and drink the muscle (a.k.a friends and family – suckers!) who we managed to rope in to help with the stuff, etc., etc.

I have been to Bangalore only twice before – each time for a few days on work. Needless to say, it is going to be an interesting experience. There are a few excited people in Bangalore waiting for this – I just hope I can live up the the hype. 🙂

And yes, the tickets have been booked and confirmed!

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