Blast from the Past

We were cleaning up the house – sort of like spring cleaning, except in Autumn and in old boxes came across a whole bunch of old stuff, which for me was a blast from the past and each with fond memories. Before I recycled/donated/threw it, took a few photos (click on them to see them in the original size).

Numega debugger

Compuware, the best debuggers in town.

Palm Cradle

Anyone remember a Palm Vx?


Don’t miss the Joggable one 🙂

Network Adapters

3Com PCMCIA adapters.

ATL Server

ATL Server anyone?

Netgear Print Server

Netgear Print Server

Zip drives

Zip drives anyone?

More zip drives

More zip drives

Nokia phone

Nokia – do they still make phones?

Dell Axim

Dell Axim – I had forgotten I had one of these.

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