I had a need to dump some data I am getting from a real-time sensor network to a database and I choose MySQL – just because it is cheap and cheerful and will fit perfectly with what I am looking for. Now, I have never programmed for MySQL though I have used it in the past as a consumer (e.g. the backend of this blog). MySQL does expose a C API that one can use, but it seems quite arcane to use and does not quite conform to the C++ style (especially when using STL).

It is at that point that I stumbled across MySQL++ – something I had not heard of and of course not used until now. MySQL++ is just a simple C++ wrapper around the same MySQL C API, but it does follow the C++ STL principles and feels more ‘natural’ to use. I am still playing with it and getting to know it.

Below is a quick sample on how to connect to a database and retrieve all the records from a table called ‘stock’.

#include "cmdline.h"
#include "printdata.h"

#include <mysql++.h>

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
	// Get database access parameters from command line
        const char* db = 0, *server = 0, *user = 0, *pass = "";
	if (!parse_command_line(argc, argv, &db, &server, &user, &pass)) {
		return 1;

	// Connect to the sample database.
	mysqlpp::Connection conn(false);
	if (conn.connect(db, server, user, pass)) {
		// Retrieve the sample stock table set up by resetdb
		mysqlpp::Query query = conn.query("select * from stock");
		mysqlpp::StoreQueryResult res =;

		// Display results
		if (res) {
			// Display header
			cout << setw(31) << "Item" <<
					setw(10) << "Num" <<
					setw(10) << "Weight" <<
					setw(10) << "Price" <<
					"Date" << endl << endl;

			// Get each row in result set, and print its contents
			for (size_t i = 0; i < res.num_rows(); ++i) {
				cout << setw(30) << res[i]["item"] << ' ' <<
						setw(9) << res[i]["num"] << ' ' <<
						setw(9) << res[i]["weight"] << ' ' <<
						setw(9) << res[i]["price"] << ' ' <<
						setw(9) << res[i]["sdate"] <<
		else {
			cerr << "Failed to get stock table: " << query.error() << endl;
			return 1;

		return 0;
	else {
		cerr << "DB connection failed: " << conn.error() << endl;
		return 1;

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