Interesting Find #22

Next post in the interesting find series.

  1. Speccy – an advanced and very cool System Information tool for your PC.
  2. Channeling Earth – Rivers Seen From Space
  3. The SSD Relapse – Understanding and Choosing the Best SSD
  4. Turn off laptop screen – every machine does not have an option to switch off the screen (say at night) and this small app is perfect for those situations – very handy at night.
  5. How to save and share ridiculously large files – well the name says it all. 🙂
  6. SQL Server I/O Internals – if you wanted to know how SQL Server handles I/O then this is a very interesting read.
  7. Clustered Tables vs Heap Tables – interesting to understand the comparisons in SQL Server (especially if/when you will be dealing with SQL Azure).
  8. Cloud Computing footprint – is it time we started measuring our digital footprint just the same as we have our carbon footprint?
  9. Zettabytes – Petabytes is so yesterday; hello Zettabytes! I wonder how one indexes that?
  10. Let me Google that for you – perfect for when you get a question from a few lazy people.
  11. Let me Bing that for you – same as above, except this uses Bing.
  12. 15 RDP Solutions for Linux – good write up comparing the various options you have if you want to RDP to Linux from Windows/Mac.
  13. Ninite easy PC Setup – Install multiple apps at once without toolbars or clicking Next. Quite handy if you have less-technical friends/family. 🙂