Interesting Find #19

Wow it has been a while since I posted an Interesting find and instead of the usual list I though I will keep this especially for timers. Timers Galore!

So I was looking for a simple countdown timer that I can run on my laptop to keep tracking of a few things and I found a few very interesting things.

If you prefer to download an app and run it from your desktop (Windows) then check out Timer from Orzeszek. There are a few other interesting dev projects there such as transferring large files over http.

If Windows is not your flavour of the day, or you don’t want to (or can’t) install an application and want to use a timer in a browser you can of course use something like online stop watch, but I suggest you check out which is way cooler.

If you are like me and when running meetings or presenting tend to get too excited and run over, then maybe NextUp is the thing for you.

And if coffee is your not cup of tea (groan! :)) then check out Steep.It which is claims to be the simplest internet tea timer ever – telling you how long to steep your tea to get your perfect cuppa.

And if you are old school and prefer .ini files (whoa! programs still use that?) then check out eggtimer.

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