What Blogging Engine (other than CS)?

I am using Community Server 2007 for my blog. I originally started in .Text (which some of you ‘old timers’ might remember as being open source) and had modified the code a fair amount to something I wanted. Over the years stuck with that and then CS 1.0, 2.0, etc as .Text was ‘morphed’ into Community Server (CS) from Telligent.

While overall I have been happy with CS 2007 off late I have been quite put off with it due to a few reasons:

  • I liked the open source elements and CS now is just too commercialized for my taste.
  • Even though I have configured comments and feedback – all of that is broken and I just can’t seem to fix it (part of the reason is not having too much time to dig into a lot of details).
  • Upgrade to CS 2008 fails – miserably – many moons ago I spend a whole day trying to get this upgraded and it just did not work. No one on Telligent’s forum could successfully point to what is wrong. I rolled back to CS 2007.
  • Upgrades other than not working – generally are quite painful.

I am ready to move to something else – but there are a few things that need to be supported:

  • I host my own domain (stating the obvious if you are reading this), etc so need this running in something I control – or in other words hosted blogs (e.g. MSN, Google’s, etc.) are out. I already have IIS and SQL Server database.
  • Need to be able to move my existing posts from CS 2007 to whatever I move to.
  • Preferably: Support multiple blogs – though right now it’s only one, but some off the family members might want one later.
  • Need to support XML-RPC (a.k.a MetaWeblog API)
  • Ability to post code and script snippets – am ignoring the XRC issues obviously. Smile

I have looked at BlogEngine.NET and that does look quite promising. Has anyone used that? What about the other things out there such as WordPress and Movable Type (don’t know much about them)? There are quite a few listed here but I am not sure which one is fit for my needs..

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