Big Brother watching via Bluetooth?

Guardian has an interesting story on how Bluetooth is being used to track people's movement in Bath. The concern is that the 10 or so scanners not only pick up your mobile's ID (which you have set) but can also pick up your Identity via your name. email and phone numbers. So think carefully before switching on your Bluetooth on the mobile!

WHS Power Pack 1 Released

This more than a "Power Pack" and fixes a whole host of issues including the (in)famous data corruption bug. If you have been living in a cave then you can catch up here on what the fuss is all about? Here are the highlights of the fixes:

  • Support for home computers that are running Windows Vista x64 editions
  • Backup of Home Server shared folders
  • Improvements to remote access
  • More efficient power consumption
  • Improved performance
  • If you are running WHS I would highly recommend you install this; you can get WHS PP1 from here.

    Interesting Find #14

    1. Search of Forever
    2. – for those in the UK wanting a Zune + Accessories, etc.
    3. Cozi – new way busy families stay organized, manage schedules and coordinate with each other.
    4. Browsershots – test your site among a host of browsers and see how it prevails; so how well does my blog do?
    5. Ask the Admin
    6. How to hide an airplane factory?
    7. Bill G's history from MS; and his emails. Smile
    8. Windows 7, not that far off.
    9. CooTek – alternative keyboard for Windows Mobile phones.
    10. Pandora – free Internet radio but only for the yanks. Sad
    11. Pex (Program Exploration) – a MSR project that from a parameterized unit test automatically produces a traditional unit test suite with high code coverage.
    12. Gmap Pedometer – excellent if you are a runner or just want to find out how long your walk is. Thanks to the lovely Meenakshi for this. Smile