P2P Programming with WCF and .NET v3.5

My article on P2P programming with WCF and .NET v3.5 was finally published on MSDN. This was written a few months ago and has been going through the internal process at MS to get published- finally it is up there – better late than never I guess. Big Smile

I discuss the new features for P2P programming in WCF and .NET 3.5 and how things have moved up the stack in being a first class managed citizen now as opposed to you. Although the code was build and run on Vista you can run most of it on XP; however some elements such as PNM, Contacts and Collaboration are Vista specific.

Interestingly, you cannot download the source code for the samples and the small app that I had written – you can see the screen shots and the code snipped. If you need the complete solution let me know.

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Amit Bahree

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      1. Hello,

        Would you still happen to have the QuickReturnSecureTraderChat sample application? The link that was previously provided no longer works.

        Thank you for your time,

          1. Amit Bahree,

            Yes, please! I realize that it is old, but the P2P features fascinate me. I wish Microsoft had done more for it, particularly People Near Me.

            Thank you for responding, and thank you for your time,

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