IE 7 "Blocker"

As you might have already heard that Microsoft will be pushing out IE 7 to every Windows desktop out there later this year using Windows Update. This will be pushed as a high priority update, which means for most users who automatically download and install this, they will get IE 7 – irrespective if they want to upgrade to IE 7 or not. If you are using IE then it is recommended to upgrade to IE 7 – or even better (IHMO), you should switch to Firefox. In any case, Microsoft also (thankfully) has delivered a toolkit that will disable the auto download and installer of IE 7. If you are sitting on a slow internet link (or close to you usage), then this might be a good thing to install as well. That way you can download IE 7 once and then locally install it on your network.

You can download the toolkit to diable auto delivery of IE 7 from here.

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