Upgrade to Community Server 2.0

If you use a RSS feed then you might not have seen this, but if you browse to the blog you would see that I upgraded to Community Server 2.0. I was running a modified version of .Text 95 and the upgrade to CS was a bit painful, mostly due to the fact that I did not want to lose all this data and there was not upgrade path from .Text.

For me, the upgrade was not quite painful – just needed some patience. Luckily, all my changes to .Text was on the GUI and some underlying bits – and that too was a long time ago. Since I had not touched the schema, I was able to upgrade from .Text to Community Server (CS) 1.1 using the “.Text to CS utility” and then upgraded from CS. Once, it was upgraded to CS 1.1, upgrading to CS 2.0 was fairly easy and painless.

If you are in a similar boat to mine, I would recommend to check out Jayson Knight’s excellent post on how to upgrade. I would like to point out that the CS 1.1 bits he points to (which is back on CS’s site) is corrupt. So when you download and unzip you will get CRC errors and will not be able to extract the bits. You need to download the source code and then compile it. This of course is using Visual Studio 2003 running on .NET v1.1. I did not try it on VS 2005, but I suppose you could do that in conjunction with MSBee.

If you are running the blog on another subdomain or just have it changed, the tricky part is that the old url’s for the blog work. This was interesting at first, but not too difficult one. Among the usual .config files, there is another one called SiteUrls.config. In that there is a section called <locations>. If you want to change the url from http://somedomain.com/blog/yourblog to something like http://somedomain.com/yourblog then change the “weblogs” entry as shown below.
Original Entry: <location name=”weblogs” path=”/blogs/” />
Updated: <location name=”weblogs” path = “/” physicalPath = “/blogs/” />

Anyways, everything seems to be working so far, but if you find anything missing please do drop me a line. I will be playing with this more over the next few days and will see how it goes.

Last, but the most important if you do upgrade, and as it goes with all such things, make sure you back up both your database and existing code first. Smile

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