Office 12 Beta 2 now available

If you are part of the Office 12, you might have already received the email detailing that Office 12 is out at On the other hand, it is also available on MSDN if you have Universal Subscription. If you don’t have either, seems like Microsoft has opened the beta to more people, and you can get the beta 2 (which will run till Jan 07) from here.

Where the heck am I?

Well lots of stuff happening in life and as a result this is on the back burner. Firstly we bought a place and moved last weekend, so last few weeks have been just awfully busy with that. Also started a new project in the last few weeks and that has kept me busy as well. Some more stuff happening, which hopefully I can talk about some day. But all in all, next few weeks, I am going to be snowed under again, and you should hear from me eventually. 🙂

On the move note, if you did not get a change of address notification from me with details, and you would like to get the updated info then please ping me and we can take it from there.

Letter to Pakistani people

Thanks to Rohit for sending me this – I have been just too busy (as you can probably tell), to even blog about this. There is an awesome letter to the Pakistani people (from Indian bloggers), which is worth a read! If you have not been involved or know some of the Indian culture, you might not get the full context, but still worth a shot. 🙂