SQL 05 SP1 Released

Believe it or not, approximately 5 months are SQL 05 went RTM, Microsoft has released the first service pack for that which includes the database mirroring functionality. You can get a list here of all the things fixed and the press release here. I have not tried this myself yet, so cannot comment, but I wonder if it would cause any issues to BizTalk and SharePoint among other things. I’ll post any issues I find over the next few days here.

Google Calendar – just what I was looking for

I have had an issue for a while – how to share calendars with Meenakshi and the rest of the family in an easy way. Right now my primary calendar is in Exchange at work, and that is fine for work related items, but tracking and sharing personal items was not possible. Right now, I mark them as Private in Exchange so my colleagues can see that I am busy then, but cannot see the details. And the personal events when added, Meenakshi gets an invite, but if she wants to send me an invite (or look at when I am busy or free), then that is not possible. We exchange a number of emails or IM’s before finding out what a suitable time is. This gets more interesting, when other friends and family want to know when are we free or busy for say a theater show or dinner.

With Google Calendar, I can solve these issues. Not only do I have my personal calendar (which is exported from Exchange), that Meenakshi has access to view in a secure manner, we also have a public calendar which is open to the world – so friends and family can look at that and see when we might be available. Yes, the public calendar is a subset of the complete calendar, but it certainly helps a lot. More these days, since we moved to London from San Francisco – seems like its easier to get to London from most places and we are getting quite popular with people wanting to come and spend time with us (hey who would have thought I was popular) ;). Now they can look at which weekends we are free and they can plan accordingly.

If you are interested in this public calendar, the ICal version can be found here (which you can import in Outlook or another program). If you prefer, you can get the XML version here.

Need a NAS

I currently have two small NAS’s – Ximeta’s NetDisk (120 GB) which have been running well without any issues (except a little slowly when there is a lot of traffic), but I am getting close to exhausting that space and was looking for something beefier. A couple of options that do seem very promising. One is the Buffalo Tera Station, which while I know a few people have used this and are happy with it, my issue being I cannot upgrade the drives as easily. This is where Infrant’s ReadyNAS NV comes in the picture. Not only can this support 2 TB of data, but the drives are hot-swappable, how sweet is that. PC Mag also has a good review of the product. The built-in OS which controls this is called RAIDiator and if you read the features, it does seem quite capable.

I still have some “toy money” left from this years budget at Avanade and might get one of these. Anyone out there got any feedback based on their need?

Boot Camp Issues

So, if you rejoiced with the release of Boot Camp and were now going to head out and buy a Mac, then hold on a minute. Many users have reported a serious issue with the beta version of Boot Camp, where they have not been able to switch back to OS X and are stuck running Windows. Now, if you are anything like me, you won’t see anything wrong with that, but if you are not like me, then you would need to do a complete reinstall of OS X to get around this. Quite a few number of people are pissed out there because of this.

Spam Cube – is it for real?

I first read about the Spam Cube, in the paper a few days ago, and was intrigued by what it offers. But at the same time I am skeptical, it seems to be promising a lot – and like many similar attempts before this have failed. There is a limitation of four computers, but then they mention you can use up to six, so not sure that the limitation is and why – though I can possibly speculate its probably how fast it can process stuff.

Has anyone else also seen this or heard of it and have any experiences to share?