Possibly no Macs on the Agenda

I had very seriously considered getting a Mac Mini – the new ones with the Intel CPU’s. But now that Microsoft has announced that there won’t be any EFI support in Vista, I am not so sure of getting a one now. I am a Wintel guy, and the reason for getting a Mac was from a pure geek-value in the short term, but in the longer term was to install Windows and use it as another machine. Since I have never done any development on the Mac and don’t plan to do anytime soon, if I cannot run Vista on it, then this is just a very expensive toy – and I don’t make that kind of money. 🙂

Microsoft says, Vista won’t support it, and while Longhorn would (thats the server edition of vista if you are not aware), but Longhorn is way out for me to buy a Mac today. Also there is no plans as of now to support this via a Service Pack. So with nothing on the horizon, the situation is quite bleak. 🙁

What is EFI you ask? Well it stands for Extensible Firmware Interface and essentially is the stuff that replaces your 20 year old BIOS. This is the thing then which is responsible for the POST and initiated all the hardware, drivers, etc. – hence you see my predicament. BTW, you can read more on EFI at Wikipedia.

So, if anyone has any ideas on how do I go about this, I am willing to humor you. 🙂

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