Indigo / WCF breaking changes from Jan CTP to Feb CTP

In case you were wondering why your Indigo / WCF Jan CTP code does not work with the Feb CTP, then you can find a list of all the breaking changes published by MS. It is interesting to note that Microsoft is changing the namespace so late in the game, but I would rather they get it right now and make breaking changes as opposed to when Indigo ships.

Origami Project

The first time I heard of Microsoft’s Origami Project, was this morning in the papers; the official site does not say much; but I was pointed to this leaked video, by a good friend who shall remain name less (don’t want to get him in trouble, now do I?). 🙂 I have been told it runs some version of XP, but not sure on what exactly (embedded vs. regular), also with Vista round the corner, not sure if thats a good idea or not. In any case check out the video it does seem pretty interesting.

Blogging Engine

The software that one uses for blogging is interesting – if you are a “serious blogger“ (now there is an oxymoron), then you are tied to one platform or “engine“. What if you want to move from that, what do you do then? Either you give up your existing blog and move to the new one (in the process losing all your old posts, etc), or you somehow convert the data from one to the other. For example. right now I am running a modified version of .Text on my blog. Never really bothered to upgrade to Community Server 1.0 (CS), now that CS 2.0 is out, I am thinking of moving to that, but there is no official path to move my data from .Text to CS 2.0. I could try and move it to CS 1.0 and then from CS 2.0 – a process which seems quite clunky. Alternatively, I could write a took myself which does that, but then do I have the time? Another interesting option seems to be Logahead, which boasts of the first AJAX blogging and does seem to have a few cool features, has anyone taken it out for a spin? (You can play with the demo here.) The problem though remains the same, how do I move my existing data to that new “platform”.

Turning OFF Comments

I have gotten so much spam using the comments that the only way for me to manage them is to turn them off. Yes I know there is an easy way to fix it where I ask for confirmation before a comment is posted but I have not had the time to change the code, test it and then upload it to the server. I might just upgrade to CS 2.o when it RTM’s. Till then continue using the the Contact page and mention the post in there as well.