Google Transit

While I like the new Google Transit and idea you can use public transport to get from Place A to B including getting very specific like what time to get to a certain place by, currently they have data for only Portland. I think this would have been a much better experiment for a European city like London where public transport exists unlike most US cities!

Music sandwich set to harrass Brits!

From Engaget, just what was needed *groan*:

Tesco, Britain’s largest retailer, is introducing the greeting card-inspired musical sandwich for the dreary lunch crowd this week. Now get this, according to a Tesco spokesman (who’ll remain anonymous to avoid your wrath) the music sandwich “is designed to provide busy office workers with relaxing music to make eating lunch at their desks more enjoyable than ever before.” Open the top of your prawn-and-mayo or perhaps, egg-and-pickle-bits sandwich and kick back to a soothing xmas medley dribbled over that piezoelectric tweeter.  Is this a joke — are the four horsemen saddling up? Look, it’s bad enough that those one million desk-bound-lunching Brits are subjected to eating rubber-packed triangular sandwiches with salt-n-vinegar crisps every day until they die (or retire, whichever is first). But must they really be subjected to cheap tinny music to accompany those lonely culinary moments as well? That’s just mean. And certainly the only thing more annoying than listening to Jingle Bells is listening to it played from a nearby cubicle-monkey’s coffer. Please, we beg you, someone send us a video of this joyous experience…maybe we’ve got this all wrong.

Dual Core Laptops?

Not sure why one would need this kind of power on a laptop (from a practical point of view), but if you do need it, then it seems like the new dual core laptops are just around the corner. Rumor has it that Dell is going to be releasing some in February next year and Toshiba in Q1. But if I was you, I would probably wait for a x64, instead of a dual-core on the laptop, but then thats me. 🙂

Sick of Wireless

I am quite fedup of the Wireless Router I have at home; lots of connection drops, lots of reboots. If the Wireless is working then the router packs up or vice-versa. I currently have a Linksys WRV54G and it sucks! Don’t take one even if its free! So, now after living through its irritation for a year+ (what can I say, I am either brave or foolish), This is my second Linksys device with which I have had issues. We also have a Linksys WRT54G at one of our client offices which we use to connect and that is very moody as well, one day it would be perfect and other days it won’t be running for even 10 mins!

In my current setup I have it on Channel 6 (I have played around and tried running it on different channels trying to eliminate if that is one of those options), with no luck. I also has WPA on it and have a few neighbors a few access points (none of them are open btw). I don’t think any of this is the cause of the problem.

A few colleagues have had similar issues with other brands – e.g. Netgear. Although I personally have only used Linksys and can speak about that. I have been thinking of getting a Pre-N or one of the MIMO devices if they are stable. All my machines on the Wireless are connected using a 802.11g card (except for one all others have it built-in cards), and whatever I pick needs to be compatible with that. One particular model I have been seeing is the Belkin Pre-N Router.

I want to know is there some network device you recommend that is stable? I don’t mind paying a bit extra if it is rock solid? I need to get something soon before Meenakshi kicks my butt! Help! 🙂