Bug in Indigo (RC1 to Beta1)

If you are hosting, your Indigo service in IIS, then you need a .svc file which basically tells IIS what assembly do you want to wire up to handle the request. Seems like on RC1 Beta 1 and another prior build (June CTP – I think, not sure though), there is a bug in the parser. Lets look at the example which in some places does break and in others does not break:

<%@Service language=c# Debug=”true” class=”Indigo2.Math” %>
%@Assembly Name=”Indigo2″ %>

If you notice the language attribute (on line 1), is it not in quotes and this works ok on RC1. But it does break if you do put in the quotes in some other builds, so if you had the same line as below then someplace’s it will break:

<%@Service language=“c#” Debug=”true” class=”Indigo2.Math” %>

This of course is not a show stopper, but if you are getting weird errors in IIS and are not seeing your service’s MEX, as you were expecting, this could be one of the areas among others you can look out for.

My Beta1 is still downloading, so have not had a chance to try this on that to see if it has been fixed or not; if any one has tried it then let me know; alternatively, when I finish downloading it and try it out, will post my feedback here.

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