Problems with the MCE Remote Control – repeats the keys you pressed

I had this very irritating issue with the remote control of Media Center, where mostly whatever key I pressed, got pressed more than once (even though I pressed it once); it it would cause things like as you move around – very irritating as you would skip over channels you wanted to change or navigate to music or pictures, etc. But it seems like this issue of Stickiness is because there are two buffer overruns in the eHome infrared receiver (read Q331913), and although Microsoft has this patch to fix it, I would recommend installing the new Update Rollup1 for the eHome receiver as the earlier patch was released in 2002 and even though I have MCE 2005 it was a suspect of not fixing the issue (mind you I did not do extensive testing).

But I did installed the Update Rollup1 for eHome Receiver and it does fix the issue with the sticky remote and also adds support for the MCE Keyboard – which is soon to be released.

Update: Had a grammer error in the title, just fixed that. And yes, spellings are still overrated 😉

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