Thinking of upgrading to x64 XP? You might want to rethink that

Yes, I know, I have been harping about XP 64 bit and how you can upgrade to XP 64 bit for free, but you might want to rethink for in the short term (for about 6-12 months). Why you ask? Well in addition to the drivers (remember your 32 bit drivers will *not* work), the two biggest Antivirus solutions (Norton and McAfee) are not available and they don’t have any plans till 2006. The corporate versions of these could possibly start rolling out, but I am not sure if the home users will have the muscle to buy those.

In a statement released , Symantec said it would be “monitoring the adoption of x64 very closely” but confirmed that virus protection on x64 was not yet available. Symantec is pleased to be working closely with Microsoft to build out the new x64 ecosystem. Symantec will be monitoring the adoption of x64 very closely and will ensure that it delivers the right solutions at the right time to meet its customers’ security needs“.

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