Update on Google Desktop Search (with screenshots)

After my previous post on Google Desktop search, I thought what the heck and took out some time to play with it and below are my findings. To get around the installation issue, I had to uninstall the MS Firewall Client.

Here are the screen shots of the installation, but before that, it runs locally ( on port 4664. So if you were to browse to then you would get an “Invalid Request“ error which makes it seem like its running a small web server.


Does not like Firefox, Outlook and Word running

The GoogleDesktop.exe process has spawned two other processes, the first one is the GoogleDesktopIndexer and the other is the GoogleDesktopCrawler.

Above is the properties of the image file. What is interesting is its got the “/install” parameter. You can click on the image to see the gory details.

Resources that are being used. This was soon after installation, so not sure if its fully kicked in or not.

You can see the memory usage go up.

It has two threads – one for the indexer and one for the crawler.

Default ACL’s that the process uses.

Environment details used by the process.

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