Windows vs. Linux (and oh ya Mac too) – Common OS Myths Debunked

This reminds me of a few weeks ago when during one of my IM sessions with my buddy Karan I was bashing up Linux (which from those who know is not really me). This lead to (atleast that is what I think) a frantic call from him – all the way across the pond – and we yapped like a pair of teenage girls for close to an hour +. The crux of that debate… err.. discussion we had was Windows vs. Linux. If memory servers correctly (which ain’t a lot *grin*), then this article pretty much sums it up. Here are some of the common OS myths that typically float around in cyberspace:

  • Linux is the OS that “just works”
  • Windows is Insecure
  • Windows has better h/w support
  • Linux does a few things and does them well
  • Windows is bad for the server
  • Mac is the best since it is as easy to use as windows, and has the stability of UNIX
  • Linux is ready for the desktop

From my perspective I don’t really care. I have not programmed much on Linux compared to Windows, so I am a bit biased towards Windows but I am open to ideas and at the end of the day am a geek. Most people tend to forget that in most businesses IT is purely an overhead and is just looked as an enabler to the business itself, there of course as always are exceptions, but as a general principle it is true. Do what ever works for you in your environment (home/school/work/whatever) and pick and choose things that you are comfortable with or curious to learn about.

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